…we greet thee with…SNOW???

Here’s a picture of our farm about a week and a half ago.  Yes, it was SPRING…but we received a healthy dose of SNOW.

It’s still winter here, obviously.  It was below freezing last night, and they are calling for a cold rain, possibly mixed with wet snowflakes, tonight.  Our poor blueberry bush is budding but has had to hold back on bursting forth.  The bees are still hugging the hive.  I just came in from outside, and normally the spring peepers would be making enough noise to cover my off-key singing, but there is not a one to drown me out yet.

The most worrisome part of this late winter is that we will be shearing the alpacas in four days.  Yes, the weatherman is calling for warmer temperatures this weekend, but I’m going to have 37 naked alpacas to watch for the next few weeks, until the warm weather arrives in earnest.  We can never call this right – if we had a late shearing date I’m sure we’d be dealing with record high temperatures right now.  But what can we do?  One takes the shearer when one can get the shearer, especially if he’s as good as ours.

So we’ll be firing up the barn heaters at night and breaking out the alpaca coats.  At least there are no babies due this spring!

Stay tuned – the next post will be a shearing day post-mortem!

Princess in the snow

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