Mother’s Day!  Father’s Day!  Graduations!  Weddings!  When we come out of the winter doldrums, we really do stack it up for ourselves, don’t we?  I need to relax!  You need to relax! We all need to relax!  And finish up that infinity scarf we have been pecking away at since November! So – who’s in this with me?

Wouldn’t you just love to sit down and work on that project that has been calling to you?  I know I would!

On Saturday June 4, we are offering an opportunity for local crafters – or anyone who would just like a bit of leisure time – to come out to the farm for our first Craft-In!  Bring a project in progress or a new kit to start, and relax with the alpacas.  You can knit, crochet, bead, quilt, needle felt, weave baskets, or glue macaroni on cardboard – it doesn’t matter at all.  Do whatever you love.

The farm will be open to crafters, or anyone who just wants to spend some low-key leisure time, from 10:00AM to 4:00PM, and crafters will have the opportunity to work on their favorite projects and interact with the alpacas in a fun and relaxing way.  Wayne will be on hand in the barn to guide animal lovers who wish to meet the alpacas.  I will be crafting – showing off my expertise in the one knitting stitch and two crochet stitches with which I am proficient.  Light refreshments and cool drinks will be provided.

So dial it down a bit, just for one day.  Come on out and sit among the alpacas – sit in the studio – sit on the deck – sit beside the trees – and just take pleasure in the crafting experience.  Who says multi-tasking has to be stressful – you can catch your breath, enjoy nature, and make some progress on your favorite project. 

 Shepherd’s Purse Alpacas is located at 7971 Bennett Branch Road in Mount Airy, just off MD Route 144 near the intersection of routes 27 and I-70. Visit for more details and directions.

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67 Responses to HERE’S WHAT I NEED TO DO!

  1. Maria Green says:

    One of my friends was present in the event and she told me it was an awesome experience crafting there. That day was my birthday and my kids had planned a party for me, I din’t even came to know when they had a look on the website for gifting me things as I am a nurse but I missed the event.

  2. Maria, we will be doing it again in 2017 on June 3rd. We would love to have you come out!

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