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Spring/Summer 2022 Events

It's Alpaca! Shopping
Our It's Alpaca! Boutique carries a wide variety of alpaca products, including sweaters, hats, gloves, yarn, stuffed animals, and other toys and accessories. We invite you to visit our alpacas and then take home a little of that alpaca softness for your very own.

Spring is on the way, but not quite here yet. A perfect time to visit an alpaca farm and do a little shopping! On Saturday, May 14, the barn and the It’s Alpaca! Boutique will be open from 10:00am to 5:00pm, and guests will have the opportunity to visit the resident alpacas, as well as to see and purchase luxurious alpaca gifts. Grab a nice alpaca wrap for when there’s still a chill in the air, and remember to save a little time to see the alpacas with new spring haircuts!

It's Alpaca! is open the second Saturday of every month, and by appointment. That means we're open on the following dates this spring and summer:

The boutique is also open by appointment, so please call Wayne at 301-452-1874 to arrange a convenient time to visit.


Birthdays at Shepherd's Purse Alpacas

Thank goodness for May! Now we finally start having more alpaca birthdays. Interestingly, though, we have never had a birth on the farm in May. Our May babies were all born elsewhere and are two of our oldest alpacas on the farm. In May we are wishing Happy Birthday to:

In fact, Cinco is our oldest alpaca -- he will be 22 on May 5th! This photo shows him shortly after birth with his mom Cameo. Be sure to wish the birthday boy & girl a happy birthday the next time you visit!


Ribbon-Winners at the AOA National Fleece Show

The next time you visit, congratulate SPF Harrigan, SPF Ines, SPF Happy Boy, The Wild Rover of SPF, SPF Weapon of Choice, and SPF Sweet Marie for their ribbons at the AOA National Fleece Show Spin-off! We are especially pleased with Harrigan and Ines, who took home first place ribbons, and Happy, Rover, and Weapon, who took home second place ribbons!

Everyone received high praise for the soft handle of their fleece and the quality of the resulting handspun yarn. It is gratifying to see our breeding program get some great feedback for our fiber production!

Here's Happy Boy looking at the girls! Come on out to congratulate the winners and see how macho he has become!


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